How to get started with crowdsourcing

Boost innovation in your company with crowdsourcing

What is crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing is a method to create more and better innovation by solving problems with others.

As a company, you can use crowdsourcing to share a problem with many different stakeholders and ask them to contribute with their proposed solutions. By involving their knowledge and skills, you can increase your innovation capacity.

It is proven that the best solutions often come from unexpected places!

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Crowdsourcing conference 2018

On October 2, 2018, Crowdsourcing Conference 2018 marked the end of the SMV Crowdsourcing Lab project where some of the participating companies from the project shared their experiences using the crowdsourcing method.

Find highlights from the day in the graphical summary below.

“Crowdsourcing has become a tool in the toolbox when talking about innovation in our company. It is data-driven and research-wise very well-founded, – and it is documented to work.”

Malene Barré Pedersen

Director of R&D; Regulatory Affairs, Riemann A/S

What is SMV Crowdsourcing Lab?

 7 steps

A common way to use crowdsourcing is by hosting a crowdsourcing challenge.

A challenge is a crowdsourcing process where the problem you have identified in your organization is shared with a large group of online problem solvers. That way anyone who desires to can come up with a suggested solution to your problem. The best proposals are rewarded, and you can use the solution in your organization.

Below we have listed 7 steps that will guide you through your crowdsourcing challenge.

1. Challenge

What kind of challenge is your company trying to solve?

2. Research

What is the background for the challenge?

3. Design

What are important elements in your challenge?

4. Platform

What platform is right for your challenge?

5. Communication

How do you find the right crowd for your challenge?

6. Evaluation

How do you identify the best solution proposals?

7. Reporting

What did you learn and how do you best move on?

“I found out just how much we can learn from other industries and that we can get others outside our industry to contribute with solutions. Instead of thinking that we have all the solutions ourselves, we need to interact with customers and the market, so I have a new mindset regarding how open we should be around our development projects and ideas.”

Henrik Nielsen

Managing Director, Wiking gulve A/S

Hvad er SMV Crowdsourcing Lab?

I projektet SMV Crowdsourcing Lab har en gruppe danske virksomheder arbejdet med crowdsourcing metoder. Virksomhederne har gennemført et workshopforløb, og derefter arbejdet med egne crowdsourcing projekter.

Projektet er finansieret af Industriens Fond, og afholdes af Danish Crowdsourcing, CBS, Københavns Universitet og VIA University College.


Industriens Fond

”If small and midsized enterprises know about the possibilities and are better prepared to use crowdsourcing, it can improve their level of innovation significantly. That is why the project is focussed on smaller companies.”

Mads Lebech

Managing Director, The Danish Industry Foundation

Company cases

Below you can find more information about the challenges that the companies worked with in SMV Crowdsourcing Lab.

Crowdsourcing for ideation

Construction accounts for 30% of the total waste production in Denmark. This is both a problem for society and for the construction sector itself, as it is costly to dispose waste. Therefore, the construction company Enemærke & Petersen were looking for ideas on how to reuse old building materials in completely new ways through upcycling. The challenge was hosted on the platform Wazoku and resulted in more than 50 ideas as well as opportunities for entering partnerships with problem solvers.

Crowdsourcing for innovation

Bjerrum Nielsen is a specialist in the field of industrial wet paint and surface treatment. They were looking for a specific solution on how to optimize a semi-automated process around fixing fabrics to front panels such as loud speakers. The challenge was launched through the platform NineSigma and resulted in more than 30 solutions from both potential suppliers as well as recognized research institutions.

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